Adding BusinessEvents Palette into TIBCO BW

One of the greaters features of the TIBCO software is that they working so well together. Now, we are going to talk about how to add the BusinessEvents palette to your TIBCO Designer so you can use it into your BusinessWorks developments.

The first thing you need is to have a BusinessEvents installation, and you must go to the <TIBCO_HOME>/be/<version>/lib/palettes, as you can see in the following picture inside that folder should be an JAR file named be-bw.jar



Ok, you must move this JAR into the following folder: <TIBCO_HOME>/bw/<version>/lib/palettes/ and restart the TIBCO Designer application. Now, you must be a new palette named BusinessEvents, as you can see in the following screenshot:



9 thoughts on “Adding BusinessEvents Palette into TIBCO BW

  1. Hi,
    I am unable to find any palette folder in tibco bw 5.2.2 installation folder.So i am unable to add palettes to tibco bw/designer.Please help.

  2. Im having the same issue has Liberato. I can see the Pallete but anything i try to drag to a process or even the RuleServiceProvider Configuration it is not working. Is it something to do with the versioning of the software? Im running BW 5.11 and BE 5.1.4.

  3. I can only see RuleServiceProvider Configuration, InvokeRuleFunction, Receive Event, Send Event, Wait for Event paletts, I don’t see channel, concept, RuleFunction, Event, etc related BE WorkBench related paletts in BW 5.10 using BE 5.1. What else do I need to configure in order to show up these paletts in BW. I am new to BE 5.1. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi,
    thabk you for this guide, i added the BE palettes to BW but i cant drag the components into a process definition! Do I have to configure something??

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