Integrating a TIBCO BW process with an TIBCO BE application

In the previous post, we discussed about how to add the TIBCO BE palette into the TIBCO Designer application so we can use it into our TIBCO BW process development. But now, we are going to learn how to use some of these new activities to do a good integration between both of the TIBCO products: TIBCO BW and TIBCO BE.

The first thing we have to do is to have an TIBCO BE application so we can to integrate with it, so we are going to create the TIBCO BE application, but in this post we are not going to discuss about the TIBCO BE development (maybe a new post soon we have a deeper look to this topic).

This application is very very simple. Only have one JMS channel and receive only one kind of events (EventA) and there is a RuleFunction that does a System.debugOut invocation so we can see in the log the receipt of a new event into the TIBCO BE engine. Please, you have go here to download the TIBCO BE project.

The next step is to deploy the application into the TIBCO Administrator, as you can see in the following snapshot:


Now, we have to focus into the TIBCO BW development, we are going to do a simple test. We are going to do a new process that only sends an EventA into the TIBCO BE application. The development graph must be the following:


As a task into the TIBCO BW development you have to add and configure your RuleService Provider configuration, you must to configure the connection with the TIBCO BE application, specifying the location of the EAR file and the location of the CDD file (you can get some knowledge about the TIBCO BE concepts into the official TIBCO guide available here)

The configuration of the artifact should be similar to:


Now, we are going to run the process using the testing option in the TIBCO Designer:


And we can see into the Tibco Administration the reception of the event into the TIBCO BE engine:


You can download the sample projects from here: TIBCO BE project, TIBCO BW project

I hope you can use these information in your new developments! See you in the next post!


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