Graphical EMS – Administration Tool

When you are working with the TIBCO suite is for sure you have to face some aspects of the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (a.k.a EMS) configuration. The main administration tool for TIBCO EMS in the command line program tibemsd, that you can find in the <TIBCO_HOME>/ems/<version>/bin  folder.

But many of you are aware that using command line software is not always the best when you only want to perform easy and simple tasks  you’d preferd a GUI-based application. For all of you that prefer GUI software, you have Graphical EMS Administration Tool.

Graphical EMS (GEMS) is a non-official software of TIBCO (so no-support and no more help that provided) that allows you to manage and configure your EMS server with an easy GUI. You can download from here:



UPDATE: As one of our readers (Kay Lerch) commented there is a new version of the tool gEMS 4.1 that solves any kind of no compatiblity with the EMS 8.X server installation. You can download from here (we are replacing the old link to the new version as well)


13 thoughts on “Graphical EMS – Administration Tool

  1. Hi,

    No logs generated by GEMS even if a directory named log (logDir=”./log”) is also created as per GEMS Server.xml.

    Please suggest how to fix this issue?



  2. We are using 8.2.1 with Gems 4.5, and it will not show the state of standby EMS servers, I’ve set the local path to the 8.2 lib, is there any known fix for this?

    We love the tool and have used it for years, but if we can’t solve this we may need to look at alternatives.


  3. In order to run GEMS for EMS 8.x you not only need to set TIBEMS_ROOT in rungems.cmd correclty but also replace references to jms.jar with jms-2.0.jar. Good luck!

    • Yeah Kay, I didn’t try to run GEMS with EMS 8.X but what you said seems right because with the release of the EMS 8.X the server have been converted an JMS 2.0 compliant insted of JMS 1.1 compliant. That’s the reason of the JAR change because you will need the other client API. Please, If you want to create a post about how to configure GEMS with EMS 8.x that would be great for me and I’d be honoured to publish it

      • Ok, I just take a look to the gEMS connection to a EMS 8.X. The problem is the following: If you are connecting to a remote server you don’t have to do any special configuration because you will using JMS 1.1 JAR an API to connect, but if you are using an internal EMS connection or using the EMS 8.X client libraries to launch the gEMS you will be facing the problem Kay described about. I’m going to recover these tips in one post!!

  4. Hi ASIF,

    First of all, thank you very much for visiting the blog and leave us a comment. About the problem you are facing, we guess the URL and port and de current ones the TIBCO EMS server is listening to.

    When I configure my server.xml to do a gems connection I don’t use the tibjmsnaming:// scheme protocolo, I don’t know if it is supported or not, we use the following URL type:


    Could you try to put this are the URL value:


    And please confirm that the DNS is available from the GEMS host and the TIBCO EMS server is listening in the 23040 of both machine.

    Please keep us posted!

  5. Hi,

    I am using below url for connecting my EMS server through GEMs tool.but i am not able to connect provided URL.

    Please suggest me how can i proceed.

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