[TIBCO BW BLOG Answer] Request & Reply with ActiveMQ

In the previous post we discuss about how to connect our TIBCO BW developments with the open-source JMS broker ‘Apache ActiveMQ’, but Alex one of our readers wants to know a little more specific aspect of this integration, and because of this we are doing this post now, to get the best answer for him. Ok, we are going to review the questions Alex did:

Do you know if JMS request/reply ist working out of the box with ActiveMQ unsing the JMS Queue Requestor activity?

First we are going to solve this question in a theorical level, as I did in the reply comment:

As you might know the Request-Reply is a functionality of the JMS standart since its initial versions, so any JMS provider such as ActiveMQ or TIBCO EMS must implement it.

In fact, when you do a request-reply, you are doing the following actions:
1.- You are sending a JMS message specifying a correlation-id in the JMS header: JMSCorrelationID.
2.- You are also specifiying a temporal destination to get the response message at the JMS header: JMSReplyTo.
3.- You listen to you responso.

So, answering to your questions, yes you can use ActiveMQ out-of-the-box to do request-reply without needed EMS.

Thank you for your comment and hope the answer fits you.

And, after this answer, we are going to do a little example to prove it. We have two simple process. The first of them is going to do a request/reply using a JMS QUeue Requestor as you can see:



The other one is going to recevie this request and replying it, as you can see here:



Only this simple and we have working our request-reply example and we are not using TIBCO EMS or anything more that TIBCO BW and Apache ActiveMQ:

TEST_BW_QUEUEYou can download this little project from here as always: Download!




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