Comparative between SOAP palette and Service palette (I)

When you are facing the problem or the need to provide a Web Service implementation using the SOAP protocol with the TIBCO BW technology you have to make a important decision. What component are you going to use the Soap palette or the Service palette.

First, we are going to do a brief description of the both alternatives so we can finally do a deeper comparative. The first one is the Soap palette, you can use to implement a low-level operations implying SOAP communications. The Soap palette implies three important artifacts we are going to discuss:




  • SOAP Event Source: It is the process starter we use to initialize a Web Service operation and we have to provide it the WSDL and specify the operation you have to implement in the target process. You also have to specify the transport connection you are going to use.
  • SOAP Send Reply: It is the node we use to answer a Web Service request and its associated with an SOAP Event Source.
  • SOAP Send Fault: It is the node we use to send a fault as a response of the web service request.

The use of this node are very similar to any other transport-related nodes and protocols, so for the very first time you will fit very confortable with the usage of this approach. Ok, it seem this approach fits fine to any Web service related need, so whats the service palette can offer to us?

The service palette is a very unsual node that we have to learn to use so we can squeeze all the potential of this approach. To do the implementation of a Web Service we have to use the Service node. The service node is a ‘special’ that we don’t use in the middle of a BW process or as a process started, it’s a special node we add to our project and we have to configure:



We have a configuration unit when we define the WSDL operations and we tied any one of them to a TIBCO BW process, and we can to configure and specify any of the endpoints binding we can use to this Web Service allowing this: SOAP and AMX. This AMX is very important because allows all you webservice to comunicate with the other components of the ActiveMatrix Suite in a AMX deployment optimized.

So we can add different endpoints of same or different ‘types’ so we can offer our web service different endpoint configuration.  As you can see the service palette allows your webservice to be ready for the ActiveMatrix platform (the new platform of TIBCO integration products).


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