Invoking a Secured Web Service from TIBCO BW

In the previous post we are discussing on how to secure a Web Service we are implementing using our TIBCO BW technology, but now we are taking a look to the other side of the game, we are going to discuss how to invoke our secured service by a TIBCO BW development, so the first thing we have to do is read again the previous post and get the secured service working in our TIBCO Administrator server. Ok, let’s go to the fun!

We have a dummy process only with a SOAP request-reply activity, with the WSDL that have been generated in the Web Service implementation.


Oks, until this moment all seem fine, let’s see how we can apply the security to this invocation. So we need the same two artifacts we discuss in the previous post, the Security Policy and Security Police Association but now we are doing another configuration, as you can see here:



In the configuration, as you can see, you must to provide an Identity file, this is becuase the Web Service server is using an UserNameToken authentication method, so we need to provider the pair username-password, the same thing we did when we tried the web service implementation with the SoapUI software. And that’s all we need to get our process working perfectly, as usual:



As always we left the process example so you can take a deeper look of it:Download

I hope you can use these information in your new developments! See you in the next post!


2 thoughts on “Invoking a Secured Web Service from TIBCO BW

  1. […] There is a common topic that many of you ask me about and it’s about how to implement security with the TIBCO BW processes. I explained in different post how to implement a basic security policy using the capabilities that the TIBCO BW tool gives us to do that kind of task. You can rembember these posts: Applying Security in Web Service with TIBCO BW and Invoking a Secured Web Service from TIBCO BW […]

  2. What is the difference between identity file and SSL certificates which we import in our tibco designer in PEM format?

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