Allowing SSL in our HTTP Communication

In this post we are talking about how to secure our HTTP communication that we have in our TIBCO BW developments. So we need to activate the SSL protocol to ensure our communications. In this post we are going to describe only the SSL configuration in the server side, so there will not be authentication in the client side.

We have a simple process in our TIBCO BW Development that receive an HTTP request and send it response, as we can see here:


The first thing we have to do to activate the SSL option, is configure properly our HTTP Connection shared resources that we need to have in our process, as you can see here:



So now we have to configure properly the Identity resource we have to add in our TIBCO BW Deployment so the communication can be secured using a server certificate, in this case we are using the server certificate from the WSO2 Carbon Suite.


Ok, that’s all we need to get the SSL protocol working in our HTTP communication, as you can see here:


As always we left the process example so you can take a deeper look of it:Download

I hope you can use these information in your new developments! See you in the next post!


One thought on “Allowing SSL in our HTTP Communication

  1. I was getting error while running the code :

    BW-HTTP-100116 Activation error with process starter [Processes/ExampleSSL.process]
    caused by: A lifecycle exception was thrown while trying to initialize the Tomcat server
    caused by: LifecycleException: Protocol handler initialization failed: An AXSecurityException was thrown while trying to create the server socket on the port [ 8777] with the message:
    Invalid keystore format

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