Filtering visible resources into TIBCO Designer

When we are working with the TIBCO Designer tool we can filter which can of resources are not ‘valid’ or ‘visible’ inside the TIBCO project  environment. By default, all the resources inside the root folder of a TIBCO project are displayed in the TIBCO Designer project structure, but in some cases you must avoid some kind of files from managing with the TIBCO Designer tool.

Some examples of this use can be the following:

  • Files and directories belonged to an SCM system such as CSV, SVN, GIT or Mercurial.
  • Some kind of properties file as and so on.
  • Lock files.

Ok, let’s show an example. With have a project with a gif inside as you can see here:



So, now we are going to modify a file inside the TIBCO Runtime Agent (TRA) main folder. The file has the following path:  <TIBCO_HOME>/tra/<version>/lib/filteredfiles.txt.

We are going to modify this file adding a new filter for the pwd files as you can see here:



Ok, now the only thing we have to do is close and open the project again and we are not going to see the .pwd file anymore. The file also will not be included in the Enterprise Archive generated by the Designer so there is no longer exists in the TIBCO project environment.



I hope you can use these information in your new developments! See you in the next post!


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