New era in TIBCO BW BLOG

Hi everybody,

First of all I have to apologize to all of you due to all these months without any new publication about the TIBCO World. I have so many good reasons I couldn’t update the site, but the main of them is ‘lack of time’.

But now, I have the strenght to renew this site and get another purpose without forget the original meaning of the site. There will be more post about technical tips of TIBCO BW but It will be much more.

From now to the end of times (I guess the success of the blog will be endless.. 😉 ) you will have updates of so many more product in the TIBCO World such as: TIBCO Enteprise Message Service, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid, TIBCO Managed File Transfer and so on.

So, please, keep in touch for the new posts and you will be rewarder for your pacience and loyalty.

No more distraction TIBCO Developers, let the game begin!!



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