The new era in the TIBCO BusinessWorks World

This is the beginning of a new era for all the TIBCO community. It is the moment to look to the future and leave all the things we know, to embrace the things that are waiting for us. This is the birth of TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.

The announce of this new version of the main integration suite of the Californian company is more than that. After so many failed tries such as TIBCO AMX Service Grid suite, TIBCO BusinessWorks Express, this is the moment to face the future.

BusinessWorks 6.0 is here, and the change will be general and complete. The BusinessWorks we know is already dead, but this is not a bad thing. This could be a good thing for all of us. After previous failed tests, the company learnt many things that we can see in this new release.

1.- The IDE – TIBCO Business Studio

As all of us we could guess, we have to say goodbye to our loved TIBCO Designer as we did like TIBCO BE developers. We now have to face the change to another TIBCO Business Studio based on the Eclipse IDE. This TIBCO Business Studio is already prepared to face all our TIBCO BW developments (better not remember the TIBCO Designer plugin for Eclipse. This is not the same thing… :))


2.- The Administrator: TIBCO  Enterprise Administrator

Another goodbye we have to face. Goodbye to our old TIBCO Administrator. Our new developments we have to be deployed in the new bet of TIBCO. The unified enterprise administrator, known as TIBCO Enterprise Adminsitrator or TEA. This will be a new administrator that have the goal to embrace all the TIBCO developments independently of its nature: TIBCO BE developments, TIBCO AMX BPM developments, TIBCO BW developments as so on.

Based on a logical division similar to TIBCO AMX suite, but technology based on one of the best TIBCO products: TIBCO Active Spaces. We have our environments, hosts and nodes but with another naming. We have to get ready to use all these new terms: AppSpace, AppNodes. On our next posts we will deep into all these changes so don’t worry about it for now.


3.- SCA View

As we could suffer as TIBCO AMX Service Bus and TIBCO AMX Service Grid developers the SCA vision is a feature we have to get ready to face it, because it is here and we think it’s for the future. The Service Component Architecture is a common technology embraced and developed by all the import integration vendors such as TIBCO, Oracle or IBM.

In our new developments we have to get used to define service interfaces, binding when we are going to specify transport specific configurations, references to define the dependencies of our services with the external world and so on. If you come from the TIBCO AMX world or from another vendor we have no problem to face it, but if you come from TIBCO BW 5.x world you have to suffer and adoption time to be able to think in a SCA way, but don’t worry all of use passed it and we are here, alive and wiser than before.


In our next posts we are going to breach and go deep in all the changes and all the new  features TIBCO BW 6.0 gives  us, so you can face your developments and designs without worry about this changes. We are here to suffer for all of you 🙂


2 thoughts on “The new era in the TIBCO BusinessWorks World

  1. Hey I posted this on Tibcommunity site, maybe you know a workaround for this problem:
    Does anyone know how to set an element to nil in the mapper? (bw6) I have tried editting my .wsdl and setting the element to nillable=”true”, but after making that change I can’t use the process launcher to invoke a request.
    On the mapper you have the option “Show edit Tab”, on that view there is an explicit nil toggle but I am not able to use that. It is not active for me. I am trying to set an input value to nil for a SQL stored procedure which is giving me the following error: Activity [Call CreateAccount] fault. TIBCO-BW-PALETTE-JDBC-500009: SQL Exception occurred (SQL STATE = null) – detailMessage – The value is not set for the parameter number 2.-{ActivityName=Call CreateAccount, ProcessName=webshopbw6.SubProcess, ModuleName=WebShopBW6} The value is not set for the parameter number 2.
    The field is of type datetime.
    Would appreciate if someone could help me solve this 🙂
    Additional from the release notes I can see the following issue:
    AMBW-11554 Summary: Unable to use the Set Explicit Nil check box in the mapper.
    Workaround: Map (either by dragging from the source tree or using the XPath
    expression in the Edit Statement pane) to the target element. You can then
    select the Set Explicit Nil check box. This will remove the mapping, except for
    the Explicit Nil.
    This workaround makes no sense to me.
    And another issue:
    AMBW-11626 Summary: Unable to set JDBC Call procedure parameters, prepared
    parameters and Object as NIL by using the Set Explicit NIL check box.
    Workaround: None.
    Would really like to know how to get passed this as it is stopping me from migrating a project from BW5 to BW6.
    Cheers Phillip

    • What do you mean to set a element to “nil”? I don’t know if the mapper accepts this nil feature. If you could give me more information about that I could do some tests to have more facts.
      I could see in the JDBC Update activity in the Advanced Tab, the option “Interpret Empty String as Null”, so I think this is the feature you are looking for, but in the few test I did using the HSQLDB internal database didn’t work out, so I thinks here is a bug in the BW 6.1 current version.

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