Deep BW61: Register BW Agent inside TEA environment

We start here our new blog post category of the details of the new “Business Works” technology and environment. We are going to dig inside all the new aspects we will have to face in our BW6 development. We are starting from the begining right after the installation process.

After gone through the installation process we have our new Business Works 6.1 environment ready, but we need to do some tasks before we can run or execute our BW processes inside the new Administrator.


First of all we need to configure the BusinessWorks agent inside the TIBCO Enterprise Administrator, because as you could see if you enter directly to the TEA main page we have no more information that the OS data:


To configure the BW agent, we need to do some tasks inside the terminal of our new BW environment:

  • We run the bwagent  command but if we haven’t done anything more we have to face an initial error:


We need to go to the bwagent.ini file inside the config folder and change the admin.mode from local to enterprise, as you can see here:


We could the same using the bwadmin command. After that we can run again the bwagent command without any error:


Now, we have to register the bwagent inside the TIBCO Enteprise Administrator domain so we launch the bwadmin command, and inside the TEA Shell, we could execute the registeragent command.


Now if we launch the TEA web page, we can see the BusinessWorks agent already register inside the TEA infrastructure:



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