Deep BW61: Managing BusinessWorks 6.1 environment inside TEA

After the first chapter of this blog series we have register an BW agent inside the TIBCO Enterprise Administrator, so now in our TEA web page,  we can see the BusinessWorks agent already register inside the TEA infrastructure:


After that we can go forward and get a fully functional administration domain where we can delpoy our application we need to perform some adminsitrative task.

We are going to start to create our first BW 6.1 domain using the TEA administration, so we click in the BusinessWorks button so we go through a new page when we can create a new domain using the following form:


Now, we can see all the data of this fresh domain we have created:


Now, we can manage all the aspects of this new domain inside this web page, as we can see here:


First of all we are going to create a new AppSpace, this is the similar to an environment in the TIBCO AMX suite, and we have to fill the following form to complete the task:


Now, we have to create a new AppNode so we can start to deploy our BW Application inside this new infraestructura we are creating. We have to fill the following form:


Now we have our new AppNode listed inside the AppSpace and we can manage it from here, we can start it, stop it, view its log file and other administrative tasks we need to accomplish:



We even could modify the property values and we will found similarities with the properties we have to configure inside a BW 5.X engine:


Now, we have our fully-functional domain to deploy our new BusinessWorks 6.x applications. Go on!


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