Deep BW6.1: First development and delpoyment

Now, we are going to do our first deployment in our newly created environment, first of all we are going to launch the new TIBCO Business Studio for Business Works Development, and we are going to create our first project using the TIBCO BS wizard.

We are going to create a very simple process: Only an in-out operation with an internal logger, as you can see is the simplest BW process you could see.

You have to keep things in mind if you are new to this SCA development style. First of all this will not be a standard SCA style as you could see in TIBCO AMX Service Bus / Service Grid. Here you have not a composite with internal components (more information in Wikipedia). In TIBCO BW 6, you have a mixed view between composite and component, BW Process, but other SCA things will remain like Services and References.


In the process dialog, you could see at the left side a set of green arrows. Every of each arrow is a services and represents an interface of your BW process, an entry point to your BW development.

On the other hand, at the right side you could see a set of purple arrows. Every of each arrow is a reference and represent an external interfaces of your BW process, an exit point to your BW development.

Now, we are going to create the process, and we are going to do the same way as always in (almost) every TIBCO development: drag-and-drop style.

Here you are, our first TIBCO BW 6.1 development in our blog life  🙂


Now, we have to create our deployment artifact (our lovely EAR file). When you create a new project, automatically created a Module Description (this is the equivalent to a Delpoyment Artifact) you only have to add the process to the component contiguration as you can see here:


And you have to define the binding. The binding is the transport protocol you have to use to expose the service. In this case we are going to use SOAP binding with HTTP protocol.

Now, we create the EAR file from the wizard available inside the TIBCO Business Studio and we are going to upload using the web interface.


Now, we can deploy it and we have our first application up and running in our new BW 6.1


5 thoughts on “Deep BW6.1: First development and delpoyment

  1. Hi,

    I have created a service with single operation using soap binding in BW6. I am trying to create a client for the service using both sub-process/main process (Empty process). When I use sub-process, I can see only binding reference where as for main process, I can see binding reference and external binding reference.

    My question goes here

    Why doesn’t a sub-process show external binding reference?? How does a external binding reference differs from binding reference?? How to choose between those two??


  2. Hi,

    Have you tried invoking external webservice from BW6 process?

    I have an issue, when I add a reference to the process it will always ask for bind process.. but I want to bind it with SOAP binding to external service..


    • You have to add a SOAP binding to the reference, you have to do it inside the Business Works Module configuration. We can do a new post so you can see that option or you can send us your code and and solve it and send to you the screeshots by mail. Up to you, We are here only to help.

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