Customize log level of data using Logback

One of the new features of the TIBCO BW 6.1 environment is the change of the logging API. We are not using the old and good Log4J API but the new LogBack API.

Whoevers want to get more information about the new Logback architecture can have a look to the official website: but today we are going to talk about the posibility to change the detailed log information in our local tests.

When we run a Eclipse Run Configuration (or a Eclipse Debug Configuration) one of the option is the XML configuration file of the logback logger we are going to use. The default value is:



We also have another file in that folder, with the name logback_debug.xml. If we use these we have all the debug information for all the loggers we have in action in our local test, but we could create a custom logback configuration file to meet our needs.


Use this information wisely!


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