Using Java inside a Business Works 6.1 Process

One of the several changes we are facing in this new version of the TIBCO BusinessWorks software is the way we handling the Java Code we have to add inside our BusinessWorks processes.

In the previous versions we have to deal with the plain Java editor that the TIBCO Designer provide to us, but now, in the new facy version we have all the capabilities of the Eclipse IDE working for us. 

The main problem is how to configure a new TIBCO BW Application to allow to store the Java source files and there are two ways to do this:

The first one is doing it in the project creation process, the moment you specify the name of the process you have a checkbox that you can specify to enable the “Java configuration” as you can see here:


The moment you check this checkbox and finish the creation process you will have a new BusinessWorks process but we have a few new folders you may recognize if you have a Java background:


You will see a “src” folder when you can store your Java source files, a “lib” folder when you can add your JAR files that you need inside your project, and some Java configuration files like the

Now, you can add a new Java activity inside your process and refer to an existent class inside your BusinessWorks project, as you can see here:


The last thing is reconfigure an exisitng BusinessWorks project to allow the Java source code files, and to do that you have to select the project and using the context menu and select the option: Convert to Java project.


You can download a Java Invoke project sample from here: Download!


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