Enabling SSL debug info inside a Business Works 6.1 process

When you are working with SSL connection is important to be capable of extract all the info about the SSL handshake, cipher algoritms used and so on. This is a situation you may have to face in some of your BusinessWorks 6.1 processes, so we are here to get a useful tip about it.

You can enable the JVM SSL debug output using the following option in your run/debug configuration inside your TIBCO BusinessStudio: -Djava.net.debug=ssl


After that you have the following output in your TIBCO Business Studio Console view:



4 thoughts on “Enabling SSL debug info inside a Business Works 6.1 process

  1. Hi Ashish. First of all, thank you for your comment. Answering your question, yeah, we use scripted deployment the same way we do with many of TIBCO products, like BW 5.x, BE, Adapters and so on.

    In this case, you have all the capabilities in the TEA through the bwagent CLI API because is the same API that use the TEA. So you can do your own scripts to do automatic deployments or integrate it with some continous integration tool like Jenkins.

    We expect the answering resolve your doubts but don’t hesitate to comment again and keep talking about all these aspects.

  2. Very informative blogs on tibco bw 6.1.even we are working on this new version.wanted to check on deployment part.How you guys are managing your deployment? Is it a scripted deployment?

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