Deep BW61: Creating an Process that consumes an External Web Service

In this quick post we are going to explain how to configure and develop a simple BW6 process that only invoke an external Web Service, because one of the comments you told us in the blog.

Ok, first of all we create the project and we define the flow with only an invoke activity and a external reference as we can see in this picture:


Ok, in this picture there are some aspect you must be aware of:

1.- The receive and reply task are linked to the SCA service element (big green arrow) in the screen
2.- The invoke activity is linked to the SCA reference (big purple arrow) in the screen.
3.- You must configure the SCA reference as a “Binding Reference – External”

After that, you must configure the external service in the Module Descriptor section inside the subsection “Components”. You must select the reference (purple arrow) and in the Properties section check the subsection Bindings and add a new SOAP Binding Type.


And… That’s all, we can test our service consuming and external service. You must configure the HTTPClient to specify the host and port of the invocation.

We leave you the code of the project so any of you can try it! Download

See you in the next blog post!


One thought on “Deep BW61: Creating an Process that consumes an External Web Service

  1. Hi,

    I have created a service with single operation using soap binding in BW6. I am trying to create a client for the service using both sub-process/main process (Empty process). When I use sub-process, I can see only binding reference where as for main process, I can see binding reference and external binding reference.

    My question goes here

    Why doesn’t a sub-process show external binding reference?? How does a external binding reference differs from binding reference?? How to choose between those two??


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