Enabling the new Test Palette in BusinessWorks 6.2

All our experience with the TIBCO BusinessWorks development have been notice how easlity are the development phase, when you practically can draw your design into the white canvas of the TIBCO Designer, a few configuration steps and everything was working. That’s the beauty to the zero-code exerpience granted by TIBCO Software and that’s great, but if you are into other kind of programming like OOP programming or bash-scripting, web development or so, you are familiar with another important sub-phase inside your development: Testing.

Testing is so important and it probably a feature that has not be correctly covered by the standard suite of TIBCO BW for the past few years. Nowadays, testing is a phase when you try to have the most coverage of your development with automated test so you always want to check if any of your latest changes have been broke your development. This idea has been evolved in the last years with the idea of Continuous Integration based on tools like Jenkins or Banshee.

In the latest versions of TIBCO Business Works, the 5.x series if we have to develop our tests we always have to delegate on third-party libraries or even our own testing library. The most famous testing library in the TIBCO BW world was BWUnit developed by the Windy Road company and it had a lot of capablities: (A testing palette, EMMA integration, load testing, and so on). But in this new release, specially in the latests release of the TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x series, the 6.2 version, people from TIBCO Software have been incorpored a new palette (not in the standard way but in the ‘try it if you want’ way) so you can build the tests of your processes.

In this post we are going to go through all the installing & configuration process to enable this ‘hidden’ feature from the last version so you can start to test it and building your tests (nice word-trick there! ­čÖé )

The same way that ocurrs with the maven support configuration, we are going to follow the Readme.txt the TIBCO Software leaves us in the samples folder:


Now, from the TIBCO Studio menu, select ‘Window > Preferences’ to open the Preferences dialog. Select ‘Plug-in Development > Target Platform’ and ┬áselect “Running-Platform” as the target platform. Click ‘Apply’ to save┬áthe changes and then click ‘OK’

After doing that, we select the plugins com.tibco.bw.bwtest.palette.design and┬ácom.tibco.bw.bwtest.palette.model from the File Explorer view and select the option ‘Import Selected Projects’


Start an Eclipse Environment from the Parent Eclipse from the TIBCO Studio menu, select ‘Run > Run Configurations…’.

In the Run Configurations dialog, create a new Eclipse Application, while in the Arguments tab, set the following VM arguments:
-Xms256M -Xmx1024M -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XstartOnFirstThread

When you click the ‘Run’ button another TIBCO Business Studio will be launched where the new plugins available. Now, if you create a BusinessWorks process, you will see a new palette named ‘BWTest’ and a new activity ‘TestCaseEval’



After that, in this new Eclipse perspective┬áexpand the samples directory and go to “samples/plugins/bwtest/”. Import the following plugins as described:┬ácom.tibco.bw.bwtest.palette.model,com.tibco.bw.bwtest,com.tibco.bw.bwtest.palette.runtime,┬ácom.tibco.bw.bwtest.service.api,┬ácom.tibco.bw.bwtest.service.provider,┬ácom.tibco.bw.bwtest.tracker.

And now you’ll be had the new BW Testing library working inside your enviroment. As we said earlier this is a very alpha-preview of this future BW palette and should not be used as a regular development or production environment, the only purpose you can use it today is an PoC or research intentions.



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