Posting on Twitter from TIBCO BW 5.x Process

As a preamble, I want to thank an anonymous viewer for his collaboration in this amazing post and everyone should get all the credit for this post because all the research and hard work are his.

In this post we are going to do a new TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x process that is going to post a tweet on your Twitter account using the TIBCO BusinessWorks Twitter plug-in. As a requirement to implement this process you have to register your app inside the official Twitter repository because you’ll have to retrieve the keys to communicate with the Twitter’s servers.

To do that you have to follow the next steps:

1.- Login to twitter and browse for ‘’ then select ‘Create New App’


2.- Add details of your application. Please find below as an example.

Note: ‘Callback URL’  though its not manidatory, its used by few Resources in Twitter as response.


3.- Go to ‘’permissions’’ and select ‘’Read and write’’ as we need to Write (Tweet) and Read(Fetch Tweets) from Twitter.


4.- In order to access Twitter application, we need to get ‘’Consumer Keys’’ and ‘’Access Keys’’ and copy them to ‘’ OAuth 1.0 Resource” from your TIBCO BusinessWorks process.


Note: Make sure Access Level is set to Read and Write.

Now you have to make your TIBCO BusinessWorks process using the new activities provided by the plugin we discussed before. You also have to create an OAuth 1.0 Shared Resource to configure the authentication with the Twitter servers, as you can see here:


After that, you have to add a new Twitter Publish Activity inside your BusinessWorks process and configure it with the local media or the text as you want and there is complete to test!


The use of this plugin has some several inconveniences like you don’t have any way to use a remote image as a tweet image for your post, but only local images are supported. To bypass this problem you will have to use the general REST and JSON plug-in where you will have access to the full API released by Twitter. We will be cover that part in another post soon!

We leave to you the sample project covering both of the solutions (the one with the Twitter plug-in and the other one with the REST API): Download!


One thought on “Posting on Twitter from TIBCO BW 5.x Process

  1. Hi! I am using TIBCO BusinessWorks Twitter Plugin 1.0.0 with TIBCO BusinessWork 5.11
    I keep getting the error below

    403:The request is understood, but it has been refused. An accompanying error message will explain why. This code is used when requests are being denied due to update limits ( message – SSL is required code – 92 .

    How can i circumvent the SSL issue?

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