Posting on Twitter from TIBCO BW 5.x Process (REST Plug-in)

As a preamble, I want to thank an anonymous viewer for his collaboration in this amazing post and everyone should get all the credit for this post because all the research and hard work are his.

This post is the continuation of the one published earlier in this link. So, if you don’t read the first one, please come back to the first one because we are starting at the end of it.

Now, we want to integrate our TIBCO BW 5.X process with Twitter not using the Twitter plugin but the REST and JSON BusinessWorks plugin, to get all the capabilities exposed by the Twitter REST’s API. We are using the Twitter documentation that you can read in this link.

So we start to build our BW process using the API, as you can see here:


We have to configure the Invoke REST Activity as you can see in the image above, but this is the important aspect you should get sure of it:

  • Configure the right resource location to be able to invoke the Twitter API
  • Configure the OAuth 1.0 parameters the same way we did in the Twitter plugin scenario, no differences in there, but you have to do it again.

Now you can upload binary images and so capabilities the full Twitter REST’s API offers you and that is not supported by the official Twitter plug-in for TIBCO BusinessWorks.

We leave you again the link to the project with both of the implementation (Twitter plug-in and REST plug-in) so you can try it yourself!!): Download!


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