TIBCO Hawk 5.1 : Introducing the new WebConsole

TIBCO Hawk is the main tool developed by TIBCO to do monitoring tasks, but in the last years its evolution had been a little confused. We have had the last version of the 4.x series, the 4.9 version for so long, that many people thought the idea of the company was to declare the producto as a “feature complete” (that means, no more features updates only bugfixes will be released). The adquisition of other tools like TIBCO Spotfire, the partnership with RTView could lead us to think that the time of the TIBCO Hawk was been passed away, but we could not be more wrong.

Because, this year was released the new TIBCO Hawk series, the 5.x series, and only a few months ago, it was released the first update, the 5.1 version that have so many changes but it also keep all the ideas from the past. We think the idea TIBCO want to do with this product is to do a renew of all its components and capabilities but keeping the compatibility with the spread 4.9 version.

One on this new and important features is the WebConsole. The TIBCO Hawk WebConsole is a new component from the suite that allows you to managed and monitorize your TIBCO Hawk domain from any browser without installing any software like HAWK Display or so.

The Hawk WebConsole is not started by default so we need to start it ourselves. To do that, go to the folder: <TIBCO_HOME>\hawk\5.1\webconsole and launch the startwebconsole shell script, as you can see here:

And we the script launched the Tomcat server and the TIBCO Hawk WebConsole application, you can login in the web application using the following link: http://localhost:8080/hawkwebconsole


To log-in we’ll use the default credentials (admin / admin) and we discover a new Hash Dashboard, as you can see here:hawk-webconsole-2

There are some many things that you should be noticed about if you are a user from the former version of TIBCO Hawk, and the Hawk Display. The first thing: The GUI is designed to support multi-domain monitoring data, and that’s a huge advance. If you are (as we are) users of TIBCO Hawk 4.9 you probably are used to have a tibhawkdisplay.tra with different lines commented for any TIBCO Hawk domain you have to monitor, or event diferent scripts to launch diferentes Displays, one for each domain you have to take a look. Ok, so that behaivour is over with the new version, and thats an important feature.

Another important features is the power of the statistics, the evolution of the dashboard from the classic view of the Hawk display is also a huge advance. All the captabilities you have with the old TIBCO Hawk Display are preventing in this new Web tool (is important to remember that we are talking about a Web tool insted of the old desktop-client): Creating and managing Rulebases, interrogating microagents, managing subscriptions and charting as well. All the full-set of features ara available to you.




8 thoughts on “TIBCO Hawk 5.1 : Introducing the new WebConsole

  1. Nice article. Trying to configure/add different domains for webconsole, unable to find a way to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hi,

    I have installed BW administrator 5.9 and Hawk 5.1 in the same machine.when I start the hawk webconsole,the admin is shutting down automatically.Kindly help me to resolve.

  3. Unfortunately JMS controller from the Hawk Webconsole does not work. Kind of a really big thing to not have working on release. I’m surprised that this problem wasn’t found in testing.

  4. Hi, I am not able to go to the dashboard of the webconsole, its saying, “Loadin-Please wait” infinitely with page refreshing automatically every second.

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