How to manage BW Application inside the TEA Administrator

Today we are going to explain how to manage the BW Application inside the TEA Agent and which one are the difference with the old TIBCO Administrator, so you can learn how to use this new Administrator.

The first and main difference are the architecture behind the new administration. Using the old administrator you only have differente Folders to sort the application logically and the BW engine to execute the BW processes. This is a simplified scenario because you always have the posibility to manage differente domains with different engines but this is beyond the product capabilities. On the other hand, with the brand new Administrator you have the following clasification: AppSpaces that are a logical environment when you could use to sort the application logically; AppNodes that are contained in AppSpaces and that are runtime objects where the BW processes run. You also have a different view that is Application Archive that are the EAR uploaded into the administration, and finally the Application Instance that are the instantiation of an Application Archive in one or more BWEngine.

With your new TEA you can manage all this new concepts using the GUI, as you can see in the images below. In the first imagen you can see all the data and the list of AppSpaces availables inside your TIBCO BW Domain, you can see the number of application, the AppNodes contained and Agents. You also can stop the AppSpaces (that implies to stop all the AppNodes contained in the AppSpace) or to restart again, you also walk into a detail view of one AppSpace

TIBCO VM-2015-01-08-09-21-24


The same view and same posiblities are in the AppNode section as you can see here:

TIBCO VM-2015-01-08-09-26-58


Additional to that you have a view to manage the Application Archives uploaded to the Administrator and they are used as an application template. This view is too simple and only have a few posiblities to add a new archive or to deleted one previously uploaded.

TIBCO VM-2015-01-08-09-29-55

And finally you have the Application view where you can manage an application instance. So, you have to use this view yo manage the real application that are running inside your platform, and you have the main posibilities like start, stop, change configuration and so on.

TIBCO VM-2015-01-08-09-34-17



2 thoughts on “How to manage BW Application inside the TEA Administrator

  1. Can we deploy different versions of same bw application in different app spaces in same domain, if yes how will it run could u please explain graphically

    • Ok Naga, I’m going try your scenario to verify it. But, at first I think its posible because different AppSpace have different AppNodes and you could have different versions. But, as I said, I’m going to check it and do a post with these information!

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