View the deployed process inside the TEA Administration

We have done a few posts explaining the main options of the TEA Administrator but today we are going to focus in simple aspects like the one in the subject. How many times did you have the need to know how implemented was the process inside the EAR you have running in Production? You probably had a great version control system to manage all the uploads but in a few cases there was maybe the doubt that the flow you were seeing in your Designer in the same flow that was running in the BWEngine. Ok, but today the new TEA gives you the posibility to see the diagram on any process deployed in your system.

To do that, you only have to go to the Application View of your TEA and select the application you want to inspect into. You were facing a view similar to this:

TIBCO VM-2015-01-08-09-34-17


Now you have to go to the Process tab, you inspect into the processes contained in the Application and to click in the eye button on the right side of the table as you can see in the picture below:

TIBCO VM-2015-01-08-09-47-42


And you will see the SVG exported from your process inside your browser:

TIBCO VM-2015-01-08-09-50-22


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