Implementing HTTPS service with TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.1

In this post we are going to show you the way you can enable a HTTPS service using the new TIBCO BusinessWorks series, the 6.x series. The first and main difference with the implementation of these features in the new series is the way you have to handle the new Resources types.

To do this, you have to create  three different resources:

  1. Create a Keystore Provider resource: This resource refers to the JKS keystore where you will have the certificate inside that it will be used to create SSL tunel.


  1. Create an SSL Server resource: This resource refers to the SSL configuration where you specified the Keystore provider that shoud be used as well as  the alias and the password of the certificate.


  1. Create an HTTP Connector Resource: This resource refers to the HTTP connection configuration and it is linked to the SSL configuration specified by the SSL Server resource.


When you are done with this configuration, the other steps are the same to any other process, you create a simple process as you can see here:



You can check the code in our github repository: View here!


8 thoughts on “Implementing HTTPS service with TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.1

  1. Hi,

    I am having following error when I start the service

    09:58:48.352 ERROR [CM Configuration Updater (Update: pid={}SSLServerConfiguration.6404e715-6c70-43a1-8511-a5b8b03380af)] c.t.b.s.r.c.SharedResourceModulePropertyTracker – TIBCO-BW-SR-FRWK-502000: Failed to start SharedResource [] for Module [], DeploymentUnit [POCP.Contentieux.application:1.0]. TIBCO-BW-SR-HTTP-CONNECTOR-500004: Unable to start HTTP Server instance for resource []. TIBCO-BW-SR-HTTP-CONNECTOR-500003: Failed to create HTTP Connector resource [] with the specified configuration. Check the configuration settings..
    com.tibco.trinity.runtime.core.provider.identity.subject.SubjectRuntimeException: Key ‘pocp’ cannot be retrieved: com.tibco.trinity.runtime.base.provider.credential.keystore.KeystoreRuntimeException: No key for alias ‘pocp’ found a certificate entry instead in key store C:\tibco_bw6\tibcojre64\1.8.0\bin\ESBPOCPKeystore.jks..

    I have generated .jks file as below.

    C:\tibco_bw6\tibcojre64\1.8.0\bin>keytool -importcert -alias POCP -file POCP_Certs.cer -keystore ESBPOCPKeystore.jks

    Could you please help me to understand the issue?

      • Good morning, thank you very much for your reply.

        Now I’m able to see the code repository when access the github tibcobwblog_samples link.
        But, when Fork is clicked and entered into bw6.x; tibco_bw_https is not visible,
        When downloaded, this project is not present, Can you please check?


      • I don’t understand your problem. If you are able to see the code project before the fork you should be able to see it after as well. Could you please send me for email the screenshots to get a more accurate picture of your problem? Thanks!!

  2. Your blog posts have been very informative and the videos that come with it show up well in search engines. Good job and keep it up..

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the informative post. Can we implement message confidentiality and digital signature in bw 6.1 along with the above ssl configuration like we can in bw 5.X versions ?


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