Tip: Verify the alignment between Java versions when you are including Java code inside your process

In this case we are going to give you a simple tip because we hear from some of you that you are facing this problem so I think it is better to put it common so nobody else could have the problem without a public solution.

If you try to introduce a JAR file or even a class file into your BusinessWorks 5.x process using a Java code activity or a Java custom function as we explain in the last post, probably you were facing a problem between JDK versions.

If you are using a old Java version to launch the Designer or event the BusinessWorks Engine (older that the JDK you used to compile the java source code) you were facing a problem of JDK version (similar to any other Java development).

You could noticed that in the case you were importing a Java custom function and you don’t see the new function added and insted of the folder with the correct prefix you see a point with the label of the prefix but not a folder and the error in the description box, as you can see here:


If you are facing this problem, the solution is quite easy, you only have to recompile the source code with the correct JDK version so your java codes are align and everything is working!

That’s all for today!


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