[PDK Series] Packaging our Custom Palette Using the Plugin Development Kit for BW 6.x

In the previous post, we saw how to create and deploy our Custom Palette inside a child TIBCO Business Studio (not the real one). In this chapter we are going to learn how to package the palette to distribute across different Business Studio’s and to use in a real environment. To do this, we start from the step we were in the previous post. And the next step is to export the model and runtime features.

To do that we select a Java project in our Project Explorer and use the context menu option (File –> Export) and we select the Deployable features inside the Plug-in Development section. In the form that shows up we need to select both of the features and specify the output directory: PackagingPDK4 To do the export of the features, the runtime and the model features must be done in the child BS but the design one must be done in the parent BS, so keep that tip in mind if you are getting some errors during the export process. Once the features are exported, we are going to click in the Help –> Create BusinessWorks Plug-in Installer PackagingPDK1 After that, we have to fill the form about the data file of the package: PackagingPDK2 And that’s it. Now, we have our own P2 repository that contains our new custom palette and our new activity that only return “Hello World”. Maybe the activity won’t be useful but the process to could obtain it that’s for sure useful 🙂


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