Changes in the gEMS version 4.x

A  few days ago, one of our readers talk to me about the version I was sharing with you in my blog of the App gEMS was not the newest and it didn’t work with the last version of the TIBCO EMS. Ok, that part was not really true but you will face some inconvenients if you try to connect the gEMS using the client libraries from the TIBCO EMS 8.x but I will explain that later. The truth was that a newer version of the app was released, the 4.1 version when the last version I have been using hte past few years was the 3.4 so we are facing a major release, so you will expect bigger changes and I think it’s a good idea to talk a little about that changes because the gEMS is one of the most important topics that bring all of you here to this blog (at least according to Google Analytics 🙂  ). Ok, the first thing you have to know is that you could download this version in the previous post where we talk about the gEMS tool but I’m going to leave here the link as well, so you have no problem. Other thing is if our expectation are going to be exceeded or not. And I have to say I am very dissapointed with this tool. Ok, that’s not really true because I know and I notice that is an open source application created with no other purpose that to help us to comunicate with our EMS server and people behind it are filling a gap that TIBCO leave us with its basic and old administration tool. But I think the problem comes from the 4.1 version because if this is a 3.6 version I’m be more than happy but when you change the major version you expect some changes that are not in this application. If I write down the change log from the 3.4 version to this 4.1 version you will be reading something like this:

GEMS Graphical Tool for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) ==============================================================

Version 4.1 ———–

– Added FaultTolerantState to main EMS Server display (see “Monitoring Fault Tolerant Servers” section in HTML docs).

– Added Connections(User) display, shows connection statistics per user.

– Added support for monitoring TIBCO EMS Appliance (see servers.xml file and “Monitoring TIBCO EMS Appliance” section in HTML docs).

– Added Server JSON Configuration Editor to support migration to EMS Appliance (see “Migrating to TIBCO EMS Appliance” section in HTML docs).

– Added support for monitoring by application when several applications share the same EMS server:

– When ViewOnlyMode and QueueNamePattern/TopicNamePattern are set (in gems.props) only destinations that match the pattern are displayed.

– Ability to filter display for given user name, see UserNameFilter in gems.props.

– Added runsimplegems.cmd and simplegems.props examples to run GEMS as a view only monitoring tool. – Added support for TIBCO Substation ES-2.8.

– Added ability to display Substation output from CICS commands SXTH/Transactions.

Version 4.0 ———–

– Added support for EMS8 and JMS2.0

– New Topic Subscriptions Display

– Support for message JMSDeliveryTime

– Messages awaiting their delivery time are held in a delayed queue ($sys.delayed.q.<queue name> or $sys.delayed.t.<topic name>)

– Messages held in delayed queues may be browsed and managed using the Queue Browser.

– All displays that list destinations now use cursor based calls to reduce server impact when there are many destinations.

– Default cursor size may be configured in gems.props.

– JRE1.5 is no longer supported.

– To access EMS8 & JMS2.0 features you must use JRE1.7 and EMS8 client jars, including new jms-2.0.jar which replaces jms.jar

Version 3.5 ———–

– Added new Edit menu options:

– Add New EMS Server

– Remove Selected EMS Server

– Add New Folder

– Remove Selected Folder

– Edit Warning Limts

– Edit Error Limits

– Edit Monitor Events

– Added support for new EMS 6.1 features: destination persistent message size/count, data store read/write stats. – Added “Save Config” option to File menu to save configuration with support for password encryption. – Added Show queue/topic consumers display.

– Added EMS server response time (millisecs) to the Server Monitor display, charting and logging.

– Added ability to configure maximum number of consumers/producers displayed in main display, see MaxConsumers, MaxProducers in gems.props.

– Added ability to copy and destroy selected messages in Durable Browser.

– Added JNDI lookup option from Server menu.

– Improved destination monitor display, with latency statistics.

– Added support for TIBCO Substation ES-2.7 (Message Format changes).

– Added ability to invoke SubStation Recipe RECOVER command.

Note: Support for EMS 4.X has been deprecated.

Ok, if you read all that lines that you will be a number more than fair for this new versions but if you have to categorize the changes all of them are minor changes or even bugfixes. The only “big” thing is the support for JMS 2.0 and EMS 8.X. I don’t know what statement they’re trying to make about the JMS 2.0 compliant because I don’t see changes that make me think that we are now working with the new version of the JMS protocol. Instead of that it seems that the allow to connect to the EMS 8.X, a version that itself implement the new JMS 2.0 version (as long as the JMS 1.1 version) but I couldn’t have a look to the code or talking with the mantainers of the app (if you know a way to contact them, please let me know and I will try to contact them to clarify this aspects)

So, that’s all, a big bucket of little changes that allows us to continue to use this app to manage our EMS connection as well as administration tasks. And as I promised before, here it is the download link: Download!


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