View Log File without Physical Access

One of our most usual task in our production environments or event any other environment where we have our TIBCO BW process is to access to the log files to see any unusual behavior or errors detected in the normal execution of our process. Until now, these access to the log files to see what happened require physical access to the machines where the BW agents are running to get and take a look at the files.

That normal behavior it is a normal threat for the security standards and policies inside almost every company and most of you probably have been faced the discussions and the burocracy to get a user to do SSH to a machine in production or even a test environment. Ok, this was the normal procedure until now, until BW 6.X arrived to our lives.

Since now we don’t need any physical access to the machines to get the log file because we could do this kind of tasks directly via the browser and with our TEA connection. We could get a copy or even take a look online to the logs of every AppNode or AppSpace that we have access to.

It’s a very simple procedure, you only have to access to the details configuration of the AppNode or AppSpace and use the View Online or Download button in the Log file section, as you can see here:



6 thoughts on “View Log File without Physical Access

  1. Why won’t you just use the elk (elastic, logstash, kibana) stack? Its platform independent and easy to implement.

    • In this post the idea is to comment the capabilities that you have OOTB when you installed the product. As you said a very good approach is to gather all these logs using Logstash and inserted into ElasticSearch and Kibana for visualization. Although you need more infraestructura to put this stack in place you will have a more friendly environment with powerful searches and dashboards. I’m going steal this idea from you and create a post to integrate the TIBCO BW to the ELK stack! Thanks for your comment!!

      • Hi

        No problem. Also check watcher from elasticsearch for realtime alerts and and so forth.

        Currently playing around with docker in combo with bw5 engine to make a lean version of bw without oracle and bw admin. Look me up on linked in to swap ideas.

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