[INFORMATIVE] I’m back!! Starting a new season here!

Hi everbody!

I’m the administrator of this TIBCO BW blog and I want to share a few things with each one of you.

  • First things first, I’m back! After a few weeks with no post and no news in the blog because of the summer vacations the content will be here weekly as before this gap, so don’t worry. I’m coming back with a lot of news and I’ll continue the blog series that I’ve started. No worries!
  • The podcast: A few months ago I release a pilot episode about a TIBCO BW Podcast version to cover similar things that the blog and I asked for feedback. Truth must be told. All the feedback I’ve received it was a positive one. But, it is also true that the number of people that answer to the poll was too low. So, I’m going to leave the poll and the pilot until Christmas and if we get a good number of answers, I’ll be launching the podcast in January 2016.

That’s all for my side!! Stay tuned for TIBCO BW news!!!

Have a great day!!


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