How to Fix error with empty namespaces in TIBCO AMX BW 6.X

If you are a TIBCO BW 6.X developer you probably have faced this issue and you probably have no idea why are you getting it or how to get rid of it. So, this is the goal of this post: Have a way to get rid of this problem when it happens to you.

The error I’ve been talking about is the one you can see in the picture pasted below:


This error should happens when you work with external schemas outside the inline definition in your project. This is a common approach and a recommended way. So we expect in future versions the product handle this things in a proper way.

Ok? but how we can solve this problem? Ok. The first thing to do is you have to switch the process view from graphical to Text and then in the text view you should see an import declaration similar to this one:

 <bpws:import importType=”; namespace=””/>

When you remove this line, your problem was away with it. The normal problem is with empty namespaces but you can face the same problem with ‘filled namespaces’ when you switch the namespace in one of your schemas.


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