TIBCO BW 6 – REST Resources in the same process

In the previous post I talked about how to create a REST Interface using TIBCO BW 6. If you want to take a look back, please go ahead. But in this post I want to focus in another feature that it is important when we are working with REST Resource. And it is the way to add different REST Resources inside the same BW Process.

If you want more information about what really means a Resource inside the REST world, you can take a look at this article. But in this article we are going to focus on how to managed them inside TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.

When we have a BusinessWorks process which implements one REST Resource, we can easily add a new REST Resource using the button above the REST Resource Service in your BusinessWorks 6 process. You can see the right button in the image below:


And when you hit that button you are going to face again the same wizard dialog to add a REST Resource you faced when you first create the REST Resource, and after that, you are going to be in front a BusinessWorks Process with two SCA service elements that each of them is a specific REST Resource with its own definition and parameters:


And inside your BusinessWorks you have no differences from many operations with one REST Resource. For the BusinessWorks process it is the same situation. They have different operation to implement but in this case these operation belong to different REST Resource


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