[PDK Series] Coding a Real Plug-in Part I

A few months ago, I’ve done some post series about the Plugin Development Kit from the new series release of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks. These posts covered the end-to-end cycle about plug-in development but they haven’t a fully logical sense, so the plug-in doesn’t do anything useful. These kind of posts are useful when you are trying to know how to start to a new feature or a tool but when you are truly working with it, doesn’t cover all the things you need.

And that’s the main reason I want to start this new series about PDK but with a true goal: We are going to do a fully plug-in for TIBCO BusinessWorks and we are going to talk about the things we have done, the problems we are facing and how to get through that. I hope that, with this approach, we have learn more deeply about how to work with this amazing feature the new TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks version gives us.

And to start I want to describe the plug-in we are going to build. We can define the plugin as: RabbitMQ for TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks. If you are not familiar with RabbitMQ you can think about it like a messaging system like TIBCO EMS, but with a lot of different features:

  • RabbitMQ isn’t a JMS server compliant but it is an AMQP server compliant. AMQP protocol it’s the other alternative to JMS but it is not linked to Java  but it is truly not used on our daily basis. Another AMQP servers are Microsoft Azure Service Bus or Apache Qpid.
  • RabbitMQ it is open source and provides a Java library so this give us a lot of things that we need to create our plug-in.

You can learn a lot of RabbitMQ here, on their official website.

In the next posts we are going to start working for meeting our goal so, please, stay tuned for our new post!


One thought on “[PDK Series] Coding a Real Plug-in Part I

  1. can you please help me on this error, “Module configuration error. The BusinessWorks module [Consuming_Soap_Service] has no process to execute.” it was at the time of migrating BW 5 soap application to BW 6 while deploying

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