[PDK Series] Creating new categories for our configurations

In the previous post we talked about how to create our activities through the wizard the TIBCO BusinessWorks Studio for Designers gives us when we have installed the plug-in Development Kit, but when we want to add our configuration items at the activity we have two defaults options: “General” and “Advanced”.

But if you look at the built-in activities some of them have custom categories when it specifices some of the configuration. So, how we can do the same with our activities? Ok. Let’s do it!

The only thing we have to do, if in the moment we are creating the activity configuration items, do not check none of the defined value (General and Avanced) but to type the one you want. For example, as you can see here:


And that’s everything when you build the plug-in and use if inside your processes you are going to see something like this:



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