[PRO Tip] A fast way to generate your EAR file

When we are developing our TIBCO BW 6 application the last thing we need to do to deploy our application is to generate an EAR file, so you can deploy it in your different servers. And today, the idea is to show you another way to do that, and it is very quick! It’s an idea I never used before because I didn’t know about it  but I read it on the official documentation and it was so great. Because of that, I want to tell you about. Let’s start.

I’m going to start describing the startup situation:

  • We have our TIBCO Studio for Designers open.
  • We have a workspace with the application we want to export.
  • We have the File Explorer view open.

Ok. Ready? So easy. We drag the application project (the one who package the code, the one which name ends with .application) to the File explorer view, and that’s it!


And, what happen if you drag the other project? No EAR for you, but you are going to get a ZIP file with your project exported!


6 thoughts on “[PRO Tip] A fast way to generate your EAR file

  1. i asked this quostion becase i had trouble in TIBCO 5 it’s not support last verstion for TLS .
    is there any solution for enable last verstion for TLS in TIBCO 5?

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