Enabling SSL debug info on AppNode

More than a year ago I write a post about how to print the SSL debug info inside your testing deployments on the TIBCO Studio for Designers, you can take a look here to the post because it is valid today to the current version.

But today, I want to talk about how to do it when your processes are already deployed on one AppNode running on your current environment.

Ok, in this case, this is not about our logging configuration as you can think at the beginning, so we are not going to look up at the logback.xml file like we did in past week’s post, because this time we are talking about a JVM property so we are going to deal with our JVM configuration.

To do that we have to locate where the JVM properties are set, and in this case we have to find the config.ini file that belong’s to the node. The config.ini path is something like this:



And we add the following text at the end of the file:


And now, we have to restart the AppNode so the changes made effect.



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