Maven Support on BusinessWorks 6.3

We already talked about Maven Support on the new BusinessWorks 6 series, you can take a read to this post to get your mind ready for this new update on the topic. Even you can review our video that showed how to configure it.

But since the 6.3 version of BusinessWorks went out all the things changed regarding to this new capability. This post is to update all the information and to guide you through all the steps to get this working in this version (and newer versions too).

The BusinessWorks 6.3 doesn’t provide the maven plugin installer so the way we used in 6.2 is not valid anymore. So, we should use another way. TIBCO people have use their own GitHub repository to publish the latest version of the maven plugin, as you can see here.

Following the installation instructions we can read in the file we should download the file from their repository.

The installation steps are the following:

  • Go to
  • Navigate to the Installer Folder.
  • Download
  • Unzip the file in a folder on local drive.
  • Open the Terminal and run install.bat ( for Windows based OS ) or ( for Unix based OS)
  • Provide the TIBCO_HOME to the Script.


After all the execution of the install script we should launch the Studio for Designers once again. And now, we can see the option to convert a BW project in to a Maven powered BW project, as you can see here:




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