Updating REST Resource Interface

In the previous post we show how to create a REST resource with different query string parameters and parameters inside the URL, but how about updating this REST resource?

Ok, first of all, the official documentation doesn’t give us any idea about how to do that. So, at glance, you will probably think you can do it and you are going to remove your REST resource and create it again.

If that was your only option, it has no sense. Do you image to have to remove all your work only because you need another parameter or have to change the name of anyone? It has no sense at all.

It’s very easy to update the REST resource interface. You have to go to the REST Binding data. To do that you can do it using the button inside the REST Service inside your REST Resource process as you can see here:


And now, inside the form content allows you to change the Resource Service Path:


If you change the value of Resource Service Path and check the green check button you are going to see how the other panels are updated as you can see here:


You can also change the parameter type and any other data regarding its behavior.



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