Dynamic Log Level in TIBCO BW 6

How many times had you need to write log traces with different log levels? The anwser will probably be every time you develop a BusinessWorks process. But, how can you do this trick in the new TIBCO BW 6? Ok, let’s go for it.

The Log activity (formerly known as Write To Log in TIBCO BW5) has incorporated two new attributes in the input schema:

  • LoggerName: This parameter value is the logger name will be used for this trace
  • LogLevel: This parameter value is the level for this trace.


You can also use the Configuration panel as you can do on TIBCO BW 5 to define the same parameters with static options.


The advantage of this *new* way (Really, it is not new, because you also can do this with the TIBCO AMX Service Grid solution.. so, this implementation has at least 6 years 🙂 ) you can do it without a redundant group of Write to Log activities and transitions filtering with an input parameters.



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