[INFORMATIVE] I’m back!! Starting a new season here!

Hi everbody!

I’m the administrator of this TIBCO BW blog and I want to share a few things with each one of you.

  • First things first, I’m back! After a few weeks with no post and no news in the blog because of the summer vacations the content will be here weekly as before this gap, so don’t worry. I’m coming back with a lot of news and I’ll continue the blog series that I’ve started. No worries!
  • The podcast: A few months ago I release a pilot episode about a TIBCO BW Podcast version to cover similar things that the blog and I asked for feedback. Truth must be told. All the feedback I’ve received it was a positive one. But, it is also true that the number of people that answer to the poll was too low. So, I’m going to leave the poll and the pilot until Christmas and if we get a good number of answers, I’ll be launching the podcast in January 2016.

That’s all for my side!! Stay tuned for TIBCO BW news!!!

Have a great day!!


New Blog Post Series: Dockering the TIBCO World

We are getting back to introduce to you another blog post series about one of the most exiciting stuff around the IT world for the past few months and it is Docker.


Docker is the one rising star in the DevOps world and it is getting all the buzz from the main companies (Amazon, Google, Microsoft announced Docker support for their Cloud platforms) and it is important to know how this new concepts and tools fix with our preferred technology.

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[INFO] We are moving our samples to GitHub! Start the collaboration age in TIBCO BW BLOG!

We want to tell all of you an announcement about our site and the way we communicate with yourselves and to introduce another way to learn together. For the last two years, we have been sharing our sample projects with you using our dropbox account where we dropped our code compressed so you could download them and try them, but today we are changing our approach.

We launched a new GitHub repository where we are going to be publishing our samples, so you will not only have the possibility to get the software and to try it but collaborate. You will have the chance to improve it, talk about the code or any issue you might face trying them and so on.

The idea is to improve our comunication and learn all of us about this experience.

So we hope you all enjoy this approach and we expect to see so many forks from our repository!

TIBCO BW BLOG GitHub Repository

New era in TIBCO BW BLOG

Hi everybody,

First of all I have to apologize to all of you due to all these months without any new publication about the TIBCO World. I have so many good reasons I couldn’t update the site, but the main of them is ‘lack of time’.

But now, I have the strenght to renew this site and get another purpose without forget the original meaning of the site. There will be more post about technical tips of TIBCO BW but It will be much more.

From now to the end of times (I guess the success of the blog will be endless.. 😉 ) you will have updates of so many more product in the TIBCO World such as: TIBCO Enteprise Message Service, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid, TIBCO Managed File Transfer and so on.

So, please, keep in touch for the new posts and you will be rewarder for your pacience and loyalty.

No more distraction TIBCO Developers, let the game begin!!