[TIBCO BW BLOG Answer] Request & Reply with ActiveMQ

In the previous post we discuss about how to connect our TIBCO BW developments with the open-source JMS broker ‘Apache ActiveMQ’, but Alex one of our readers wants to know a little more specific aspect of this integration, and because of this we are doing this post now, to get the best answer for him. Ok, we are going to review the questions Alex did:

Do you know if JMS request/reply ist working out of the box with ActiveMQ unsing the JMS Queue Requestor activity?

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Connecting TIBCO BW with ActiveMQ

Usually, when we work with the TIBCO technology and with TIBCO BW in particular we are going to do a huge use of the JMS technology and to accomplish these tasks we usually use the TIBCO EMS as a JMS provider, because it is included in the default TIBCO BW installation. But in some organization they already have an JMS broker that are being using in some parts you have to integrate, because some of the particular features of their business and you have to get along with it.

In this post I’m going to show you how you can connect your TIBCO BW process with one of the best free and open source JMS providers, such as Apache ActiveMQ. We are going to use the current version (current, in the time we are posting this), 5.7.0.  So the first  step you have to accomplish is to download the software.  Download the software.  Continue reading