Working with CDATA inside your BusinessWorks Process

One of the most misterious things when you are working with your TIBCO BusinessWorks software is how to handle the CDATA sections inside the XML you are transforming in the BW process.

The CDATA section are special XML sections when you can use unescaped text (like XML tags or similar) as a XML tag value, as you can see here:

function matchwo(a,b)
if (a < b && a < 0) then
  return 1;
  return 0;

If you want to increase your knowledge about this sections, please visit this link: Link

The main problem you could be facing when you are trying to use this kind of section in BW is that the software always try to scape this kind of values and it not check if it is a CDATA section or something special. It always treats the value as a normal string value and it executes the ‘escape process’.

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