How to dynamic call process on TIBCO BusinessWorks 6

In the previous post we talk about one feature (the format-dateTime XPath function) which behavior on TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 wasn’t the same that on BusinessWorks 5, but today we are going to talk about another similar situation.

On BusinessWorks 5 it was usual to have Dynamic Call Processes, so you could invoke one SubPorcess or another depending on the data you have on real-time. This features is present on the BusinessWorks 6 version but to do that it’s not that easy or, at least, are not the same set of steps you have to do.

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Creating a REST Web Service with TIBCO BW

In this new post we are about to discuss how to create a REST WebService using TIBCO BusinessWorks as a HTTP Server. The main goal of this new example is to continue learning how to use some of the basics of a TIBCO BW Development. First of all, we are about to present the ‘design’ (maybe, design it is a strong word for a little example).


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