[Docker Series] Introducing Docker Compose to our Docker containers

We are back with another post from this new docker series oriented in our prefered environment, TIBCO environment and the idea is to introduce one of the newest tools in the Docker environment and how we could use it in our TIBCO docker containers.

In the previous post that you can read here, we create our first docker container with an EMS server inside. If we try to run this machine we need to do that with a very large run command, something like that:

docker run -tid -p 7222:7222 ems ./ems.sh

Even if we use more complex configuration (the ones we are going to learn in the following chapters) we have a more complex sentence. A sentence we have to type every single time we want to start our container. Is this the only way to do that? The anwser is no. We could use Docker cCmpose to simplify this sentence. Continue reading