Maven Support on BusinessWorks 6.3

We already talked about Maven Support on the new BusinessWorks 6 series, you can take a read to this post to get your mind ready for this new update on the topic. Even you can review our video that showed how to configure it.

But since the 6.3 version of BusinessWorks went out all the things changed regarding to this new capability. This post is to update all the information and to guide you through all the steps to get this working in this version (and newer versions too).

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Problems configurating Maven inside BusinessWorks 6.2

In the past days we explained how to configure and how to get to work Maven with the latests version of BusinessWorks at the moment (version 6.2) and if everything goes smoothy for you, I feel very happy, but if you have any kind of problem, please I beg you to leave a comment so we can get to work it out for you. I’ll updated this post with all the problems and the fixes for this configuration and I’ll from one that happened to myself Continue reading

[VIDEO] Maven Support Installation & Configuration in TIBCO BW 6.2

In this new age from the TIBCO BW Blog we want to give to you all the posiblities we can to make easier for you to apply all the tips and all the techniques we are discussing here, and because of that we release our Youtube Channel and our first video is about the installation & configuration in TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.2.

Configuring TIBCO BW 6.x to work with Maven

Once again we are here to show you one new features that have been give to the fresh released TIBCO BW versiones (version 6.2) to improve our productivity and to allow us to integrate with so many developments done in the last few years. This new feature is the maven support!

It is out of the scope of this article to explain you a deepn insights the Maven capabilities or features, and I encourange you to check these links to increase your knowledge about it:

In a few words we can say that Maven is the new standard tool inside the Java developrment to build and resolve external dependencies in a declarative way with any problems for the development. It allows too the intregration with third-party apps like Continuous integration tools like Jenkins or Banshee, or with QA tools like Sonar, Checkstyle, Firebug, etc. Continue reading