Scripting with TIBCO: AppManage (I)

When we are working with TIBCO software, we only have one thing in mind: Zero coding. This is the best brand that explains what TIBCO Software is, but in some times or to do some task you have to go down all these GUI interfaces and face the scripting issue, and you must be able to handle that!

TIBCO has several command-line applications that allows us to perform some applications we can also do with all these TIBCO GUI. So, the first question is.. Why I want to learn that if I can do it with a GUI?

Ok, thats fair, I’m going to try to answer to this question. In my experiencie, I have been faced before to the mandatory rule that all the administration tasks must be doing through ¬†scripting. This rule has many valid reasons (batch procedures, automatic, easy to learn, easy to adapt to all the company enviroments and so on..). So, one more time, in some times you must have the command line and know all the posibilities TIBCO software gives to you.

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