Retrieving a WSDL from an Deployed Service

In this post we are going to discuss how to do to get the WSDL source from a deployed Web Service using the TIBCO BW technology. Usually when we build web service using other technologies like Java (Axis2, JAX-WS or something-related) automaticly we can access to the path http://paththatyouwant?wsdl and get the WSDL source of your service, but this is not happen in TIBCO BW by default.

If we deployed a service and we try to access it, we will get an 404 response from the server indicating that there’s nothing in that path so nothing can be returned to us:



So we need to do a little development and use the Retrieve Resources that we have in our TIBCO Soap palette so we can achieve this funcionality. We need to build a very simple BW Process that receive the HTTP request and use the Retrieve resource artifact to get the WSDL from it, simple like that, as you can see here:



The configuration of the RetrieveResources is very easy as you can see here:


So we only have to start this little process when we started the SOAP service, and we have everything working!



As always we left the process example so you can take a deeper look of it: Download

I hope you can use these information in your new developments! See you in the next post!


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