Enabling SSL debug info on AppNode

More than a year ago I write a post about how to print the SSL debug info inside your testing deployments on the TIBCO Studio for Designers, you can take a look here to the post because it is valid today to the current version.

But today, I want to talk about how to do it when your processes are already deployed on one AppNode running on your current environment.

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Enabling SSL debug info inside a Business Works 6.1 process

When you are working with SSL connection is important to be capable of extract all the info about the SSL handshake, cipher algoritms used and so on. This is a situation you may have to face in some of your BusinessWorks 6.1 processes, so we are here to get a useful tip about it.

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Reading your GMail inbox from a BW 6.1 process

In this new post we are going to discover how to create and configure a new BusinessWorks 6.1 process to connect to our gmail account to download the mail inbox. For this process we are going to do use of the mail palete. I guess many of you know this palete for previous versions of the BusinessWorks software, but we are going to introduce the resource templates. A new element, similar to the previous Shared Resources that allow us to configure our SSL connection to the GMAIL Server.

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Allowing SSL in our HTTP Communication

In this post we are talking about how to secure our HTTP communication that we have in our TIBCO BW developments. So we need to activate the SSL protocol to ensure our communications. In this post we are going to describe only the SSL configuration in the server side, so there will not be authentication in the client side. Continue reading