Enabling the new Test Palette in BusinessWorks 6.2

All our experience with the TIBCO BusinessWorks development have been notice how easlity are the development phase, when you practically can draw your design into the white canvas of the TIBCO Designer, a few configuration steps and everything was working. That’s the beauty to the zero-code exerpience granted by TIBCO Software and that’s great, but if you are into other kind of programming like OOP programming or bash-scripting, web development or so, you are familiar with another important sub-phase inside your development: Testing.

Testing is so important and it probably a feature that has not be correctly covered by the standard suite of TIBCO BW for the past few years. Nowadays, testing is a phase when you try to have the most coverage of your development with automated test so you always want to check if any of your latest changes have been broke your development. This idea has been evolved in the last years with the idea of Continuous Integration based on tools like Jenkins or Banshee. Continue reading