TIBCO BW 5.X – SCM Capablities

Normally when you are working with TIBCO BW or any other tool that produce source code, you need a Software Configuration Management tool to manage all that code. These tools have been along with us all our life, from CVS to Git, from SVN to Mercurial.. we have plenty of options when we want to manage this kind of artifacts but our choices depends on the ones that are supported for the tools we are using.

In our case, inside the TIBCO BW 5.x world, we have two main options to manage our code that you can choose to meet your goals. The first and most usual is to manage the files that compose your BW5.X project at a file level from the File Explorer and not inside the TIBCO Designer tool.

This option has the main advantage that every SCM that is supported on your OS can be used to manage your files. That’s the option that I use when I share BW 5.x sample projects with all of you in my posts because I want to have a Git support that cannot be get with the other option.

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Filtering visible resources into TIBCO Designer

When we are working with the TIBCO Designer tool we can filter which can of resources are not ‘valid’ or ‘visible’ inside the TIBCO project ¬†environment. By default, all the resources inside the root folder of a TIBCO project are displayed in the TIBCO Designer project structure, but in some cases you must avoid some kind of files from managing with the TIBCO Designer tool. Continue reading

Creating Custom Process Starters

TIBCO BW has a vast quantity of process starters that allow you to comunicate with the main protocols you should use to get your integrations done, but some times may not be enough. When the process starters and TIBCO adapters not fit for your requirements of the budget of your project is not enought to afford these extensions, so you can implement your custom starters.

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Tracing SOAP and HTTP exchanges in TIBCO BW

In this first ‘real’ post we are about to discuss the way we can apply a trace to any soap and http request we have in our TIBCO BW processes. This is a very important feature you must learn because is one of the main actions of an integration tool, because the SOAP and HTTP request is the main transport for WebService invocation.

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