[ELK Series] Parsing the TEA logs to visualize right in ELK & Kibana

Today, I come back with another step in our connection between our TIBCO BW 6.x environment and the ELK stack to extract all the power about the log information we have inside our TIBCO BW components. And we started with the TEA component. In the previous post we get a sucessfull connection to ELK stack with the information inside the TEA. But we use the default message formt so, we cannot use the custom parts the TIBCO log file have inside.  Continue reading


[ELK Series] OOTB Connection between ELK and TIBCO TEA

If you have been followed these post series as a result of the last post we launch our ELK stack using docker, so we have all our components up and running to start integrating both of these worlds. And we are going to start with the log files from the TIBCO Enterprise Administrator, TIBCO TEA.

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View Log File without Physical Access

One of our most usual task in our production environments or event any other environment where we have our TIBCO BW process is to access to the log files to see any unusual behavior or errors detected in the normal execution of our process. Until now, these access to the log files to see what happened require physical access to the machines where the BW agents are running to get and take a look at the files.

That normal behavior it is a normal threat for the security standards and policies inside almost every company and most of you probably have been faced the discussions and the burocracy to get a user to do SSH to a machine in production or even a test environment. Ok, this was the normal procedure until now, until BW 6.X arrived to our lives.

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View the deployed process inside the TEA Administration

We have done a few posts explaining the main options of the TEA Administrator but today we are going to focus in simple aspects like the one in the subject. How many times did you have the need to know how implemented was the process inside the EAR you have running in Production? You probably had a great version control system to manage all the uploads but in a few cases there was maybe the doubt that the flow you were seeing in your Designer in the same flow that was running in the BWEngine. Ok, but today the new TEA gives you the posibility to see the diagram on any process deployed in your system.

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Deep BW6.1: First development and delpoyment

Now, we are going to do our first deployment in our newly created environment, first of all we are going to launch the new TIBCO Business Studio for Business Works Development, and we are going to create our first project using the TIBCO BS wizard.

We are going to create a very simple process: Only an in-out operation with an internal logger, as you can see is the simplest BW process you could see.

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Deep BW61: Managing BusinessWorks 6.1 environment inside TEA

After the first chapter of this blog series we have register an BW agent inside the TIBCO Enterprise Administrator, so now in our TEA web page,  we can see the BusinessWorks agent already register inside the TEA infrastructure:


After that we can go forward and get a fully functional administration domain where we can delpoy our application we need to perform some adminsitrative task.

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